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Methenolone + Winstrol Stack

Insane cutting, removing of excess liquid with distinct vascularity and powerful pumping. Despite a “weak” Primobolan it’s a pretty powerful combination, working precisely on muscle definition. Beachgoers respect the stack for his efficiency and expressed fat-burn thanks to Winstrol included in its composition. Is a popular kind of summer prep cycles. Supersets and highly intensive workouts – best training programs for this stack.

Winny removes excess fluid (including the articular capsule) but quickly develops the strength. That can be traumatic, because of the dryness of the ligaments. A small working weights, intense superset work-out – the best way to get maximum out of this combination without injury. For the eight-week cycle on this combo is easy to get 5 kg of high quality muscle. PCT and proper diet is the key to saving up to 90% of result.

  • Primobolan: 150 mg every other day;
  • Winstrol: 50 mg every day;
  • Duration: 6-9 weeks;
  • After-cycle: standart PCT.


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