Anavar + Primo


Anavar + Primo


Primobolan 100mg/ml – 1 vial
Oxandrolone 10mg/pill – 100 pills
Clenbuterol 50mcg/pill – 50 pills

+ Schedule chart with doses for each week

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Anavar + Primobolan Stack

Very safe mix for definition, popular for preps in competitive fitness, women’s bodybuilding and men’s-physique. Competitive athletes respect this stack for a low incidence of side effects and very high anabolic impact. Though with a high anabolic index of (400%), Oxandrolone is weak solo. In combination with Primobolan drugs have severe synergy and favorably reinforce the strengths of separate steroids.

Cycle Primobolan-Oxandrolone can be up to 2 months without risk for liver and hormonal system. Steroids are not aromatized, are weak androgens and can be used for a long time without additional therapy. Applications of the stack are broad, however, strong muscle definition – its main purpose. Full security and 4-6 kg of pure quality – the predicted result from the eight-week cycle.

  • Primobolan: 75 mg daily;
  • Oxandrolone: 40-80 mg every day;
  • Duration: not more than 100 days;
  • After-cycle: Clenbuterol and anti-estrogen, usual PCT.

The things everyone have to find out

The use of AS by itself can be much less productive, often creates drawbacks. Successful merge of multiple injects, which significantly heightens the outcomes of them done one by one – the crucial feature of doping. No such roid which could fix many objectives automatically.

The blending of anabolic steroids will involve skills, precise strategy, significant awareness. Frustration and harmful issues constantly brought by inaccurate roid doses or routines. Simply because one doesn’t learn principles, occasionally beginner buys 1st pill he locates, hence he’ll be dissatisfied with muscle gains.

Productive plus knowledgeable merging of anabolic steroids is biggest characteristic of great achievements. Mix of steroids notably limit the threat of ill effects, deliver permanent results, and develop favourable hormonal base.

Our cycles were not created within days. Each cycle – the answer of yrs of training knowledge of athletes, authorities in athletics therapy. Athletway brought in experts and also players that aid to design trustworthy, sufficient and beneficial combos for every task.

So buyers might pass the limits and emphasize on training, we did extensive work and excited to demonstrate the prepared doping combos. Apples & oranges – have whatever anabolic pills as is or effort to achieve greatest outcome using technological methodology. Offered stacks has completed hard examination by years, were efficaciously practiced by countless phenomenal pro athletes. principles split us with websites that mainly aim 2 sell. Athletway strives to give the perfect cycles hence user might enjoy to come back. Athletway enjoy if people collect much of what waited, approach our company with efficiency.

Howcome is it advantageous?

We give guidance no cost – meeting with a professional can be money-sucking. Suggestion on communities – risky or too much time, one do not know, practitioner can response or starter.

DCT, PCT medicines assure the reduction of adverse reactions through cycles and sturdy results after the conclusion. Don’t skimp at essentials. PCT cycle & DCT already supplied. Every blend was carefully measured and packed with proper drugs, one shouldn’t purchase other things.

Dismiss concerns there not anyone to answer, tedious figuring of doses, the confusion & the fear that you have made error. You simply ought to define your target & go with relevant combo, other parts we have actually made for you.

It is too confusing subject and needs long time. Our website is one particular who sells set, known, medically competent cycles at this stage. We’re up against the mistreatment of gear, strive to provide all so everyone could get fulfillment and also desired outcome. Right away, www don’t offer completely ready, tested, riskless mixes of roids for distinctive purposes.

For people who’re lacking funds – nominal variation exists. Totally full combination is constructed for anyone who are able to invest in the full pack. Buyer can receive the max price cut for AS combos, we notice, impressive AS mix is certainly steep. Choose assistance, helpful combinations & make big savings! Athletway always effort to offer extras since we honor buyer’s achievements and also nice relations, although some suppliers just earning money.

Whatever you will get when purchasing the combination

  • A list showing all phases of utilization, amounts, guidance for the stack, pro advising
  • You minimize measurements, mistakes, severe problems, fears
  • Discount of – 15% (compared when you order products independently)
  • International postage no cost
  • Maximum price cut, primed treatment “all-included”
  • Possibility to get steroids from different brands
  • Detailed information to pharmacology


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