Why do bodybuilders need supplements?

People who are engaged in sports, fitness, lead an active lifestyle associated with increased physical exertion, need special sports nutrition. Nutritional supplements, concentrates, which help improve sports performance, provide the necessary substances for muscle growth, increase endurance, contribute to the breakdown and burning of fat.

Dietary supplements are a complex of substances that should make up for the lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body. Of course, dietary supplements are not doping, but they are often used in sports, especially professional sports. The logic is elementary: higher loads consume more resources, and therefore require an increased intake of substances. With normal food it is difficult to get them in the right amounts, so if you are passionate about fitness, you can not just use supplements, but even need to.

The role of food supplements for the “normal person” (not actively engaged in sports) is to normalize the metabolism, to improve general health and immunity, to improve the functioning of organs that are exposed to adverse factors, such as bad environment.

The benefits for athletes are in the additional nutrition to the fitness diet. By and large, it makes no sense to take supplements, if your diet is complete and varied, and the load is small. Sports nutritional supplements are different from the usual ones: they are richer in composition and usually have a narrower direction of action – compare to the “drugstore” ones, which have a general strengthening effect.

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