Primobolan + Turinabol


Primobolan + Turinabol


Primobolan 100mg/ml – 2 vials
Turinabol 10mg/pill – 250 pills
Tamoxifen 20mg/pill – 30 pills
Clenbuterol 50mcg/pill – 50 pills

+ Schedule chart with doses for each week

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Primo Turinabol Steroid Cycle

High-quality stack without water retention, skin problems, blood pressure, and gyno. Good for a ripped look and moderate bulking. Athletes use this combination and respect it for predictable and consistent results, low post-cycle loss, and lack of problems. Steroids are not aromatized and do not cause estrogen-relevant problems such as gynecomastia. Stack doesn’t need aromatase inhibitors and works fine without any additional drugs.

Primobolan and Turinabol is a higher quality option, a fellow cycle of Primo-Dbol. Dry mass without the puffiness, ripped look are distinctive features of this awesome combination. Beginners will be amazed by the effect and new 7 kg of dry muscles. Good initial compatibility of the mix and proper PCT will retain almost everything without loss.

  • Primo: 200 mg every other day;
  • Tbol: 30-60 mg every day;
  • Duration: 2 months;
  • Recovery: Clenbuterol and Nolvadex, 20-30 days.

Primo Tbol cycle – everything that anyone should learn

The combination of anabolic steroids involves skills, systematic methodology, necessary awareness. Unsuitable mixes or AAS dosage often provoke severe complications and also failing. Often somebody takes the first anabolic steroid he finds, given that doesn’t master principles, hence he is not thrilled about the outcome.

Combo of steroids form favorable musclebuilding profile, afford quality outcomes, significantly cut down the chances of adverse reactions. Greatest characteristic of outstanding achievements – skilled plus productive pairing of AS.

The usage of AS solo occasionally trigger drawbacks is normally less efficient. There’s no one roid that might solve all needs right away. A profitable blend of a few anabolic steroids, which dramatically heightens the effects of them done separately – crucial element of doping. policies are to offer the perfect stacks so you’d wish to return once more. That’s what splits our team with people that simply want to sell. Athletway prefers when consumers pick up a lot more of what counted on and deal with the marketplace with maximum efficiency.

Different matters – have any steroid as is or using a systematic methodology to strive to grab the maximum results. So everyone can concentrate on training & make the top, we did the significant task and happy to offer ready AS stacks. Listed mixes have gone by hard check by decades – they had been successfully used by generations of excellent pro athletes.

These stacks not built from scratch. Every single blend – a product of yrs of training of sportsmen and specialists in sports medicine. Athletway put together athletes plus scientists which helped to compose comfortable, beneficial, and optimal combinations for any kind of task.

How come is it efficient?

Counseling on the online forums – too lengthy plus uncertain, you do not understand, starter, or possibly skillful person may respond. One appointment with experts will be money-sucking – athletway give you guidelines cost-free and full personal instructions at a decent price.

DC Therapy plus PCT promise stable muscle gains after the ending and also the lowering of problems throughout usage. You don’t need to get anything else, all mixes were loaded with necessary substances, accurately counted – PCT recovery plus on-cycle therapy are supplied.

The other we did for our buyers, you only need to choose the desire and buy a suitable option. Forget about impossible determining of doses, concerns you have not anyone to answer, the uncertainty, and the panic that you made mistakes.

Athletway – one particular who has all set, medically effective, proved stacks for now – search and verify. At the moment, the network doesn’t feature ready, proved, and healthy stacks of anabolics for different plans. This is a highly hard area plus needs quite a while. strives to share all so you have the planned consequence and complete satisfaction and we are up against the extreme usage of AS.

We constantly effort to deliver more cause we admire user’s triumph and devoted interaction, although other shops are purely making money. We remember that outstanding stack might be quite expensive, hence you’ll have the best discount on AS combos. Lower your expenses & enjoy effective solutions, data assistance! For customers who are able to pay for the full program, the 100 % combination arranged. For individuals who are low on money – minimal adaptation is offered.

What things you will get when purchasing the stack

  • A list explaining dosage ranges, all stages of utilization
  • A price discount of – 25% (when compared if one get products one by one) for each stack
  • Pick steroids from different brands
  • User dispose of measurement, failures, fears and extreme drawbacks
  • Direction for the cycle, competent consultancy
  • Complete handbook to anabolic steroids
  • Postage internationally zero cost
  • More affordable price, primed formula “all-included”


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