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The ultimate Hokkaido king crab. The Hokkaido king crab is very large and weighs more than 5 kilograms. Compared with other king crabs, the thorns on the body are shorter, the legs are thicker, and the plump crab leg meat is its biggest feature, which is tender and firm. Extremely elastic, rich in taurine and chitin, it is the most precious part. Crab meat is very sweet due to its high glycine content. Hokkaido king crab is famous for its higher quality, it is the best king crab, suitable for high-end restaurants..So,how to boil king crab el paso from frozen?

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Affordable Chilean King Crab. Chilean king crab is also called Chilean king crab or king crab. It mainly inhabits the southern tip of South America. The quality is not as good as that of Alaskan lb king craband Hokkaido king crab, but the price is not so high, and the cost performance is quite advantageous. Due to the provisions of the International Convention on Marine and Aquatic Products, only male crabs are allowed to be caught, so the crab legs and shoulders of male crabs are mainly used in dishes. Tips for choosing king crabs not only need to choose the right place of origin, but some species look very similar in appearance, but in fact, the taste and price are quite different, so special attention should be paid to distinguishing them when selecting materials..So,how to cook alaskan king crab fishery in oven?

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Identification of the quality of the meat is blue: Frozen crab meat should be crystal white, if the color is blue, the meat quality is poor, indicating that it is undercooked or not cleaned thoroughly. Crab Meat Crystallization: Indicates that the crab is thawed and then frozen or the freezing process is slow. Quality and nutrition are ensured if frozen after harvesting. Crab meat is too salty: Crab meat is not cooled enough before freezing. Low plumpness: Red and blue king crabs have a crab meat plumpness of not less than 80%, and golden king crabs not less than 70%. Net weight is not allowed: For example, a 10kg king crab will weigh about 11kg after adding ice, 10% ice coating is normal, and the ice coating should not be too heavy. The number does not match: Confirm the number of crab legs and crab claws. For example, a 10kg king crab should have 18-24 crab legs and a corresponding number of crab claws. Identification of high-quality king crabs and oil crabs Although oil crabs are also one of the varieties of king crabs, their meat quality is relatively poor, and the taste is not sweet enough, so the price is half that of high-quality king crabs. There are two main points to distinguish the two, one is that the oil crab is bluish in color, while the high-quality king crab is dark red; the other is the thorns below the center of the crab's back. The red king crab has 6 raised points, while the The oil crab only has 4 raised points..So,how to cut open russian king crab?

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