.Personal consultation.


.Personal consultation.


  • help in setting the right goal
  • analysis of medical tests
  • selection of the products ideally suited to your goal
  • steroid administration schedule
  • troubleshooting
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Personal consultation

Steroids offer great opportunities, but they require sufficient knowledge to be successful. Ignoring, or not knowing the basic principles leads to poor results, burnout, and a huge post-cycle loss. We are often asked: “I have this and that, what do I need to add for my purpose?” Let’s say a person has bulking steroids (or long esters), and his task is muscle definition. So the task is impossible – one conflicts with the other. Or we see that the client orders the wrong combinations and it turns out that he somehow came up with the idea this will serve him well. There are many examples. We are not criticizing but trying to clarify the matter in order to help avoid mistakes.


What do I get?

  • One-time consultation in the messenger
  • We will help you figure it out and set the right goal
  • Analysis of medical tests
  • We will compose the optimal combination with a schedule of administration and dosages
  • After analyzing the photos, we will compose the optimal type of training with a schedule for a month


How it will help me?

Individual consultation is a product created specifically for those who do not have time to study the topic for months. This is an individual approach to each specific situation and a basic work plan that eliminates major mistakes. Ideal for those with a small budget. It will save time and money and give a good result. You are guaranteed to get the right technique that will work for your goal.


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