Full supervision


Full supervision


  • analysis of medical tests for complete safety
  • correction of blood biochemistry to normal values
  • selection of the products ideally suited to your goal
  • professional individual instructions for steroid cycle
  • steroid cycle supervision, dosage correction, schedules
  • review of the medical part
  • weekly meal plans
  • weekly training plans
  • answers to any questions
  • weekly Telegram consultations
  • troubleshooting

! The price is for a month. Depending on your goal / stack / state / experience, you may need to renew the service.

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Full bodybuilding program supervision

The most charged option for ambitious people who are used to always achieve their goals. Suitable for both beginners and athletes preparing for a competition. In fact, this is the best solution for any person who uses doping and wants results, not mistakes and problems. We take on all the difficulties, the development of strategies, plans, techniques personally for you.

We don’t lie to people and do not tell how ripped they will become in 2 months, because this is nonsense. But we make people supermen in half a year, and in the most advanced cases (dystrophy or obesity) – in a year 🙂 These are the services that famous trainers sell for a lot of money to athletes, actors, showmen, entertainers, and so on.

It doesn’t matter what shape you are in right now. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, boxing, BB, or sprint. Even if you have severe obesity or dystrophy – you get a transformation and wow effect without compromise.


What do I get?

Development of an individual strategy and full personal supervision of all processes:

  • analysis of blood parameters
  • correction of blood biochemistry to normal values ​​(if there are deviations)
  • weekly meal plans (scheduled tables with ingredients for each day of the week)
  • weekly training plans (tables with exercises, repeats, principles)
  • supervision of the medical part – scheme, analyzes, correction, cycle administration
  • fixing the lagging muscle groups
  • weekly consultations in the messenger
  • answers to any questions
  • guaranteed result


How it will help me?

The maximum plan gives the maximum result – it’s simple. You just ride like a train on the rails and do the work, and we tell you what and how to do. This option is more expensive than all the others, but it provides a comprehensive understanding of all processes. After a successful bodybuilding steroid cycle the client already has a ready program. You will master everything you need to achieve any of your goals in the future in a few months.

Ultimately, this is the maximum saving of money, effort, time. You don’t have to make mistakes or doubt something is right or wrong. You cannot save on health, you will always have to pay dearly for it. And health is the main thing. If you are used to getting the most, this option is for you.


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