Basic cycle management


Basic cycle management


  • help in setting the right goal
  • analysis of medical tests for complete safety
  • selection of the products ideally suited to your goal
  • professional individual instructions for steroid cycle administration:
    effective weight gain / weight loss / muscle definition
  • steroid cycle supervision, dosage correction, schedules
  • Telegram consultations twice a month
  • troubleshooting

! The price is for a month. Depending on your goal / stack / state / experience, you may need to renew the service.

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Basic management

The basic package is serious work with the client on his specific task. Starting from setting goals, to adjusting the training program. The plan includes consultations twice a month, analysis of photo reports, and adaptation of the exercises considering the lagging muscle groups. The option is suitable for those who already have little experience in bodybuilding pharmacology and understand how to eat properly.

The plan is designed for the most effective gym training and management of the pharmacological part. It does not include detailed diets and assumes that the athlete knows how to eat for bulking/cutting. This is the best solution for guys who want to significantly improve their shape. We will create an individual training program for you, explain the principles and teach you the correct periodization.


What do I get?

  • analysis of medical tests
  • management of steroid cycle
  • workout plan (adaptation, periodization of training loads)
  • consultations twice a month


How it will help me?

The basic package is designed for people with some training experience. As a result, you get a program perfectly suited to your needs which you will learn to apply and adapt yourself. Forget ineffective training, get the most out of every day at the gym.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Great support during steroid cycle. It was amazing experience. +8 kg of muscles, nice definition. My girlfriend proud of me. Thanks a lot

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