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Why am I not getting great results?

Most newbies make serious mistakes when it comes to taking steroids. Combining drugs incorrectly, using high dosages, eating improperly, wrong exercising – rest regime. At best, a person gets much less than expected, at worst – burnout and serious health problems.

Doping is tricky, especially for a beginner. Experience comes over time, after numerous mistakes and failures. Some are more fortunate, some are less fortunate, but in general, it is a long and difficult path. Imagine a situation when you buy medicine “on recommendation” and something went wrong. Wanted to gain more mass, but lost most of it after the cycle. Or you feel unwell, gynecomastia, decreased libido, another bummer. Unpleasant? Sure.

It is impossible to achieve good results if you make mistakes in taking steroids, training, or nutrition. It is logical that errors in relation to each of the points will drastically reduce the outcome. Any superman cycle can be screwed up by bad training, or improper nutrition.

The main problem of inexperienced guys is that they believe that you can get everything at once. They are advised to use short, powerful cycles at high dosages, they train 5-6 times a week, but get burnout, low results, and strong after cycle loss. Agree, this is disappointing. The Internet offers quick solutions, beautiful landing pages, fancy video guides – just pay… Buy this and get everything you need at a very low price… Sounds nice, but it’s not working.

We do not make money for the health of our customers and use only a scientific approach. There are 2 professionals in our team – a sports medicine doctor and a competitive bodybuilder. We have filled this gap – prepared special options for those who want to achieve their goals.


The main principle is only a scientific approach

The steroids are not enough to get the maximum benefit, to strengthen health and body. Success consists of competent work in 4 directions at once:

  1. pharmacology
  2. food
  3. training and periodization
  4. rest

Everyone with experience knows that high-quality muscles grow relatively slowly: 5-8 months. Only water comes quickly. And it leaves just as quickly. But water is not muscle mass, water is water. And quality is when you like yourself in the mirror, even after the PCT, because you have a lot of muscles.

In general terms, the principles of BB can be narrowed down to two simple rules: first, you do a bulking cycle, second – cutting/definition. And again in a circle. Any quality cycle always consists of combinations that must change with a certain periodization. These steroid combinations are called mesocycles. The truth is that you can’t get one and the other from a program with one mesocycle.

The generally accepted approach is that powerful stacks at high dosages 2-3 months work very badly: 3 months is not enough to make BOTH mass AND shape. As a result of this approach, you gain 20-30 pounds, and after the cycle, only 5-7 pounds remain. Why? – Efficiency on one combination cannot be high for more than 3 months, so mesocycles and periodization are needed.

Steroids do not like speed, they do not like rush and exact schedules, you need to learn to feel it. And we will teach. Sometimes something works faster, but something needs to be given more time. The best steroid practice is to use minimum for maximum.

It’s like putting a rocket into Earth’s orbit – if you don’t give it enough initial acceleration, it simply won’t make it. Steroids gain momentum for several months, to the point where a powerful anabolic response begins. It takes at least 2-3 months to catch this effect and gain quality fibers. After that, the cycle MUST BE CONTINUED, not finished.

The effect of the drugs should unfold gradually and bring the hormonal background to a certain stable level. In this state, you need to keep the background at low dosages for at least 5-6 months. Only in this case, we get real high-quality muscle fibers, not water retention, which will go away.

Starting the cycle and finishing it in 2-3 months is not wise. It unnecessarily swings the hormonal system and forces the body to make a revolution again and squeeze out of itself the production of its own hormone. At the same time, the level of cortisol remains high and additionally burns muscle fibers.

A successful program (macrocycle) should last at least 5-7 months. It is ideal to do 3 mesocycles using LOW dosages. Can be 2 but not less. From a medical point of view, there is no difference, 12 weeks of steroids or 60 – the recovery will take the same time. But the result of a macrocycle will be MANY TIMES higher. A good result includes well-being and mood, a strong mental state, high libido. The main thing is monitoring, administration, and adaptation.

It’s not only about sports and body – it’s a special high, driving and constant. Everyone who was there knows what I mean. This is a world practice followed by many athletes, actors, showmen, and others.


What do I get?

We offer 3 packages of services depending on your capabilities. From consultation to full supervision. No prepared schemes. Just individual work with each client. From setting the right goal, analyzing the blood tests to periodization systems, daily meal plans, and administering the medical part.

Consultation – $99

Individual consultation is suitable for those with a small budget. Often mistakes begin with setting a goal and selecting steroids. This translates the budget in vain, takes away time, and doesn’t give the desired result. We will help you set the right goal, consider medical tests, and prepare the optimal combination of steroids, cycle, post-cycle therapy. We will give advice and basic recommendations for nutrition, training, periodization. You’ll receive a table with a cycle of drugs and dosages + an individual training plan for a month.

Basic management – $199 / mo

This package includes – the correct setting of the goal, analysis of medical tests, the preparation of the steroid cycle. Also drugs administration schedule, consultations twice a month, correction, and answers to any questions. Consultation + cycle administration, training plans, adaptation.

Full supervision – $ 399 / mo

Such services are used by athletes, actors, show business stars. You will not find anything like this online, this is our author’s product. We got a peek at this commercial idea in media, where the price tag of such services starts at $3k/mo.

This package is individual supervision of your bodybuilding journey. The best solution for ambitious people who value their money, time, and health. Includes weekly personal consultations, detailed meal plans, and adaptable training regimens. Correction of the style of the training program according to photo reports, the enhancement of lagging muscle groups. This implies working according to the plan on your part, we take care of the rest and give a guarantee for the result. This is the best way for anyone who can afford this option.

The premium package includes our full participation in your regimen. No standard schemes, only real work with you in the program-analysis-adaptation-periodization mode. Answers to any questions once a week, correction of plans by photo report, full cruise control. We say what, when, and how to do it, you work and get guaranteed results. This is the most expensive option but it pays for itself by 1000%. All methods, diagrams, schedules remain with you.


What’s the result?

We care about the success and health of people, especially our clients. After all, the best customer is a satisfied customer. That is why people come back to us again. We offer professional solutions to complex problems, instead of ignorant experiments on your body.

You will definitely get more than you expect, what else to say 🙂 You will look cool in the mirror, feel good and enjoy the way you live. Strong motivation, powerful libido, stamina, and concentration. If you decide to take full supervision, then in half a year you will have skills and ready-made techniques that you can apply without us in the future.

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