Masteron + Anavar


Masteron + Anavar


Masteron 100mg/ml – 3 vials
Oxandrolone 10mg/pill – 200 pills
Tamoxifen 20mg/pill – 30 pills
Clenbuterol 50mcg/pill – 50 pills

+ Schedule chart with doses for each week

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Masteron and Anavar Stack

The softest steroid combined cycle for the ripped look of existing in the world of bodybuilding pharmacology. Despite the weak effect of the solo-use of steroids, the mix of Masteron and Anavar boost the potential of each other and work for safe cutting and muscle definition. Stack is known for high security and good result. This mix is not too popular in Europe, however, extremely common in the USA, especially in the world of show business.

Doesn’t require additional protection since it does not aromatize and does not have prolactin activity. The stack won’t cause water retention or acne, blood pressure, gynecomastia and any androgenic side effects at all. The best use – before the beach season, prep for the tv or movie shooting, etc. In spite of steroid profile is not best for bulking, the athlete will get up to 5 kg of dry weight in the end, due to the high anabolic index of Anavar.

  • Masteron: 100-200 mg 3 times a week;
  • Anavar: 30-80 mg daily;
  • Duration: up to 100 days;
  • After-cycle: half a dose of the standard Clenbuterol-Nolvadex PCT.


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