Primo + Test + Anavar


Primo + Test + Anavar


What you will get?
Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml – 3 vials
Primobolan 100mg/ml – 2 vials
Anavar 10mg/pill – 200 pills
Tamoxifen 20mg/pill – 30 pills
Clenbuterol 50mcg/pill – 50 tabs

+ Schedule chart with doses for each week

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Primo Test Var Cycle

Combo for those who appreciate the status, high safety and a pressing need to be in TOP. Elite sports pharmacology in super productive combination to maximum security and a decent gain. Many believe that oxandrolone is a weak steroid and Primobolan solo is not effective enough. In this case, testosterone is not a major steroid, its task is to create a favorable background for the disclosure of Primo and Var potential.

All the steroids can be for sure named the most secure of available today. Oxandrolone has the highest anabolic index (400% of testosterone), it’s used in the women’s BB, without risk to health. Soft if used separately, this drugs combined in one cycle provide results comparable to much more powerful stacks. This cycle is safe and a favorite among experts, it brings about 10-15 pound of best muscle.

  • Primobolan: 400-500 mg for a week;
  • Anavar: 50-80 mg daily;
  • Test: 100 mg every other day;
  • How long: from 6 to 10 weeks
  • How to recover: the basic PCT.

Primo Test Var – the things anyone must figure out

As he doesn’t study the basics, frequently beginner buys the 1st roid one found, that’s why he is not pleased with the outcomes. The stacking of AAS requires scientific strategy, skills and significant education. Bad stacks and anabolic doses oftentimes create challenging issues plus failing.

Effective and skilled combining of steroids is the most critical aspect of amazing achievement. A mix of AS visibly cut down chances of problems, give long-lasting improvement, and additionally create ideal hormone foundation.

Important feature of doping – successful stack of 2 steroids, that significantly heightens benefits of each implemented on their own. There’s no such roid that will resolve instantly all needs. The usage of AS by itself can be far less effective and sometimes trigger disorders.

Athletway put together pro athletes along with scientists that helped us to generate useful, proper, trustworthy combinations for any challenge. These specific combos were not designed within single month, every cycle is the conclusion of long span of training of gurus in athletic medicine plus qualified roiders. concepts separate our team from websites that simply want to trade. We strive to offer top rated solutions therefore you’d love to keep returning again. We like when buyers achieve much of what expected and approach our company with top competence.

Introduced stacks had been accurately utilized through couple generations of impressive pro athletes – all them completed challenging evaluation of years. Different things – strive to make maximum result with science approach or incorporate whatever roid out of jar. Athletway completed huge job, delighted to demonstrate the prepared doping stacks, so you may pass limit & concentrate at workouts.

Why does it look useful?

Actually one meeting with competent professional will be high-priced – we propose instructions with no charge. Opinion at the community forums – tricky plus far too long, you won’t notice, skillful man may respond or maybe a newcomer.

DCT, PCT warrant the reduction of problemss during cycles along with continuous returns after end. Do not cheap out at the requirements. PCT therapy & cycle drugs attached – every blend was packaged with the necessary substances and carefully calculated, user won’t need to search out anything more.

Ditch tedious measuring of doses, stress you ‘ve done everything improperly and anxiety, doubts you have none to respond to. You should identify your objective & choose the suitable cycle, remaining we already made for you.

For people who’re low on money – small adaptation is existing. Stuffed cycle is intended for customers who able to pay for total pack. Buyer can enjoy discount for AS cycles, athletway remember that effective stack is certainly highly-priced. Save money and acquire counsel, effective treatments. We typically attempt to contribute more as we admire devoted interaction and also customer’s success, when others purely taking profit.

It takes long time and is highly confusing topic. At present, internet don’t deliver prepared, risk-free and proven mixtures of AAS for different objectives. Our shop – only 1 that sells set, proven, clinically proficient mixes presently. We’re against abuse of anabolic steroids, try to provide everything so customer could achieve the intended consequence and also fulfilment.

What I will obtain when choosing the mix

  • Price discount from 15% for each mix
  • Expert consultancy, guidance for the combo
  • Info-sheet with all steps of application, dosages
  • Maximal discount, effective solution “all-included”
  • Customer dispose of calculation, failures, extreme drawbacks, worries
  • Get products by alternative vendors
  • International transporting free of cost
  • A complete guide on pharma


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