Cabergoline Use in Bodybuilding

The substance is usually taken in cycles that contain Trenbolone and Nandrolone. Cabergoline helps to eliminate swelling (muscles and face). Bodybuilders most often take the substance in the form of Dostinex.

A slightly different dosage option involves taking the substance without taking steroids that have progestin activity. This option allows improving the quality of life and efficiency in general. Such a scheme implies that the substance is taken once every 10 days at 0.5 mg. Cabergoline is also used by natural bodybuilders who want to improve their own performance without AAS. The doses in such a case are taken at a much lower level.

You should not get attached to the substance. Too low prolactin has the opposite effect, a decrease in the body’s defenses, lack of appetite, and depression. If such an effect occurs, it is necessary to stop taking cabergoline until it stops working, resume the cycle with a smaller dosage and frequency of administration.

Dostinex is also used in post-cycle therapy when prolactin levels are elevated. It is used at 0.25 mg no more than once a week.

What is Cabergoline?

Cabergoline is a derivative of ergot alkaloid, a drug for reducing prolactin levels.
It is an agonist of dopamine (D-2 type) receptors. Stimulation of D2-receptors of lactropine cells of the pituitary gland leads to a decrease in prolactin secretion. Dostinex main action is to bring down the level of prolactin. It will help to to lower blood pressure, increase libido, erection. Thanks to the expansion of the cavernous bodies, it takes much less time to recover from intercourse.

Peptide hormone affects mood, but its synthesis is also directly dependent on behavior. This creates a kind of vicious circle. When a man is depressed, prolactin production increases, and if he is happy, a rise of dopamine, on the contrary, significantly reduces the synthesis of the hormone.

Side effects

– Slight decrease in blood pressure;
– Lowering prolactin below reference values can also “kill” libido, just as an increase in this hormone;
– Sleepiness, fatigue, headache, dizziness;
– Dopamine intervention can give us: mania, impulsive behavior, attention deficit – it is good to understand the traits and tendencies of the behavior before intervening with a drug that stays in a body for a month;
– Nausea, abdominal pain, and other set of serotonin agonist adverse events;

Dostinex Reviews

Athletes who take the active ingredient in the form of Dostinex note its positive effects on both sex life and character. You gain confidence, there are no mood swings, and libido increases. Some bodybuilders note a fat-burning effect and some increase in muscle mass. In addition, all users mention that their mood is much better.

A sense of proportion and compliance with the dosage should not be forgotten. If you neglect the recommendation, side effects are sure to manifest themselves. Lack of adherence to the recommended dosage of the drug is the main reason why some athletes who overdo the dosage leave negative reviews.

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